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About AstroTek:
  • Welcome to AstroTek. AstroTek is part of Astroflower Software and we handle the support calls for AstroShare and AstroView. We also handle technical support for anyone who wants help with their computer in general. We do this using Astroflower Software technology. We can help with things like showing you how to use a program you arn't familiar with or how to take viruses off your computer should you become infected. We do all this for you with just one click of a button using AstroShare. Since version 1.42 of AstroShare we have included a "Connect to AstroTek..." menuitem and button. Without any configuration and just by clicking this button you are automatically connected to one of our technicians.

  • An internet connection is optional but helps with many technical services. It speeds up our ability to help you. AstroShare Version 1.42 or later is required and can be downloaded for free on our downloads page. Our technicians can also help you download AstroShare when you call.

  • Our pricing starts with a $10 fee for the first 15 minutes of a service call. During this 15 minutes we address your problem using the information you supplied in the "AstroTek Request Form". If more time is required to perform your request or fix your problem we will give you an estimate of how long we think it will take. We will then charge you $65 an hour. The fun part in all this is that you can watch the technnician who's on the phone with you operate your computer and see how they fix the problem.

  • In order to get service started you will need to send a minimum of $10 via Paypal. You can do this using one of the 2 payment buttons below. After making a payment visit our "AstroTek Request Form" here: AstroTek Request Form. This allows you to schedule a session with one of our technicians ahead of time.

    To make a $10 Service Request of 15 minutes pay here:
    To make a $65 Service Request of 60 minutes pay here:
    Any remaining balance from a service call automactically carries over to your next call or at your request we can make a payment back to you for what's left.
  • Supported Systems:
    • Windows 2000 and XP.
    • Macintosh OS 8.6 through 9.2 and OS 10.1 through 10.3.
  • Services We Offer:
    • Virus cleaning.
    • Spyware removal.
    • Software installs. We can also show you how to install programs so you can do it yourself in the future.
    • Computer maintenance. This includes cleaning out temporary files, disk defragmentation, and removing unwanted start up programs.
    • Annual / Bi annual maintenance program. We do this automatically on a periodic basis when the time is convenient for you.
    • Computer Training. We can teach you how to use various programs at your request.
  • Pricing:
    • Standard support is $10 for the first 15 minutes and then $65 each additional hour.
    • The Basic Maintenance program is $200. This includes a 1 hour session once every 3 months for a total of 4 sessions.
    • Extended Maintenance program is $250. This includes a 1 hour session once every 2 months for a total of 6 sessions. This keeps your computer up to date.